MuL 3.2.5 Commercially available now!


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It gives us immense pleasure to announce availability of mul-3.2.5 (Carrier Grade).

Release Notes:

All the following features are fully supported.

Meter support
Group support
Port/Flow/Group/Meter/Queue statistics
High Availability
Many security and stability fixes in infrastructure

Features Specification:

Number of Switches 1000
Flows Per Switch 64K flows per Switch
Groups Per Switch Max supported by Switch
Meters Per Switch Max supported by Switch
Raw Flow Download Rate 10.5 Million flows per sec
HA Failover Time < 1 Sec
Number of SDN application Unlimited
Operating System - Linux(Ubuntu, Centos, Redhat)
- Other *nix on demand
System(Processor) - x86 and x86-64(default)
- Any other on demand

Unprecedented Controller Performance 


Evaluation package is also available on demand.

Contact us for more queries on product and pricing –


MuL development team

Mul 3.0.1-beta available now


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It gives us immense pleasure to announce availability of mul-3.0.1 (beta). With this MuL has hit couple of firsts : 1) One of the first to support Openflow v1.3.x  and, 2) One of the first to support both OF v1.3.x and backward compatibility with OF v1.0

The release is deemed beta due to lack of multiple switch implementations that we could test against. We welcome any switch vendors willing to interop their hardware (with of1.3.1 support) to get in touch with us for same.

Release Notes (3.0.1-beta) :

- Support for Openflow 1.3.x
* Wire protocol implementation
* Enhanced Multiple Groups support
* Enhanced Multiple Tables support
- Backward compatibility with Openflow 1.0 (supports both openflow versions)
- Many security and stability fixes in infrastructure
- Improved documentation (inside docs folder in source code)


MuL development team

mul v2.8.30 released !!

This release contains many bug fixes and performance improvements in various components.  Latest source-code tar can be downloaded from The latest repo can also be downloaded using “git clone git:// mul-code” 


mul v2.0.00 released !!

We are proud to announce the next release of mul – 2.0.00   

Source tar ball can be downloaded from .
Git repo is also available : git clone git:// mul-code

In brief, we have following new features under the hood :

Core infrastructure
- Availability of “services” exported to various apps.
- Support for RPC or shared memory constructs for inter-app communication
- Support for auxillary connections by “core” mul to boost parallel processing
- Support for seqlock primitive for low contention locking
- datapath-id abstraction into a sequential-id space for applications
- Stringent flow and action validations before applying to hardware
- Support for almost all OF 1.0 actions

New applications
Fabric app :
- Adds ability to form a data center fabric using a set of openflow 1.0 switches
- Weaves multiple point to point l2 networks
- Multi-tenant aware
- Dynamic insertion and deletion of default gateways per tenant virtual network
- Supports Openstack integration
- Zero manual provisioning
- Zero broadcast
- Proactive flow installation with no controller software forwarding or latency for supported switches
- Support for online switch addition or deletion to fabric
- Support for v-motion

CLI app :
- Unified cli for controller provisioning and debugging
- Supports config replay based on per application events
- Extensions for future config HA

New Services :

Routing and Topology -
– Shortest path computation using Floyd warshall algorithm
– Service exported via shared-memory constructs
– Scalable upto 512 switches. (This number is just a testing limit)
– Topology discovery using LLDP protocol


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