openmul release v4.0.1 is available

openmul is taking massive steps !!

OpenMUL Updates

We are glad to announce availability of openmul release v4.0.1. Highlights of this release are :

– Support for Openflow 1.4
– Support for (almost) all Openflow 1.3 features
– Backward compatibility with Openflow 1.0, Openflow 1.3
– Support for RESTapi
   * High performance Python tornado based webserver
– Improved documentation (here)
– Huge improvement in CLI features
   * Tons of configuration options
– Many security and stability fixes in infrastructure
– Support for Overlays
– SSL support (TLSv1.2)
– Python bindings/Apis for advanced scripting

(Download source-code)


openmul development team


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Kulcloud to demo at Korea Telecom


We are showcasing our SDN solution at Korea Telecom SDN workshop alongside other biggies. Our  team is really geared up for this occasion.

[Update] Kulcloud Demo at KT ends on a high note.  We showcased our sdn fabric as an enabler of many novel features such as loop prevention, flooding suppression, zero touch core and one touch edge configuration, real time stats analysis among others.